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Integrated Assemblies

American Microwave Corporation welcomes the opportunity to address your integrated assembly requirements. Over the years, AMC hav helped our customers improve their designs by providing integrated assemblies to replace their cabled assemblies while improving their system performance.

AMC has a library of multiple components we have designed over the years we can integrate for you:

  • Limiters
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Amplifiers
  • Electronically Variable Attenuators
  • Logarithmic Amplifiers
  • Power Combiners
  • Power Dividers
  • Filters
  • Detectors
  • Switches
  • Phase Shifters
  • Amplitude equalizers


What are the advantages of integrated assemblies?

  • Optimize overall module performance
  • We can take your proof of concept design to a well-engineered module
  • Size and weight reduction
  • Lower VSWR ripple
  • Lower insertion loss
  • Thermal management of entire assembly
  • Vendor has total subsystem performance responsibility
  • Leverage AMCs low overhead verse internal build


Some Examples of Integrated Assemblies AMC has Produced

  • Direction finding units for Electronic Warfare test station
  • Switching module for Jamming pod
  • Switch Matrices
  • Sophisticated EW detectors for Radar Warning Receivers

Check out our integrated assembly capability presentation.

Download the presentation PDF


Examples of AMC’s Integration Experience Include:

Imaging Radar Calibration Test Set- AMC: AMC model RFM-16M7-LNXS64235-1
This set was developed for our customer in order to reduce the form factor and enhance performance. The set was size was reduced by 80% and we improved the overall insertion loss by 5dB


Integrated Receiver SN002: This is an example of a highly integrated down converter AMC builds for our customer ( 26.5 gHz to 500 MHz ) which has 723 parts integrated in a form factor of 3” x 5” X .5” and is a prime example of AMCs Chip and Wire capabilities.



i48tcontent48T Integrated Switch Assembly: AMC model MSN-48T-05-DEC-MP
This assembly was developed using modified standard switches to maximize isolation and insertion loss from 18-21.5 GHz



i18x12content18 x 12 Switch Matrix: AMC model SM-405M1G
This broadband Switch Matrix on a single multi-layer substrate offers pick and place assembly, incorporates Bias Tees, Power Dividers, and Ethernet communications with isolation of 90 dB and Insertion Loss of 5 dB.


i8x2content2 x 8 Switch Matrix: AMC model SM-840905

This Blocking Matrix is built on a single, multi-layer substrate allowing for volume manufacturing, extremely small size and excellent electrical characteristics.