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Table of Contents – Millimeter Wave Attenuators

Millimeter Wave Attenuators

*10 MHz-18.6 GHz, AGC, Octave Band,
Current Controlled Attenuator

, 10 MHz-18.6 GHz
Current Controlled Attenuator

*0.1-20 GHz, High Speed Digital Controlled Attenuators

, 0.1-20 GHz (0.3-18 GHz Optimized),
60 dB Digital Attenuator

AGTN-0320-60DD-100 Option HS1uS
, 0.1-20 GHz (0.3-18 GHz
Optimized), 60 dB, High Power Digital Attenuator with
Switching Speed of 1 uS Maximum

, 10-20 GHz, High Speed Digital
Controlled Attenuator

*11-24 GHz, Digital Variable,
Programmable Attenuator

M-DVAN-1124-30-8 Option 4
, 11-24 GHz, Digital Variable

*21.0-21.5 GHz, Voltage Variable, Programmable Attenuators (High Frequency)

M-VVAN-8018-50-SP-21F-001, 21.0-21.5 GHz,
Voltage Variable Attenuator

*0.15-20.25 GHz Switched Bit Step Attenuators

SBA-3-100M21-SP2T Option CS00225-02
, 0.15
GHz-20.25 GHz, High Speed, Pin Diode Switched Bit Attenuator