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Test Reports On AGTN Series Attenuators

Summary Test
Data/Reports on Various 10 MHz-18 GHz, AGTN
Series, High Speed, <1uSec, Multi Octave Band, Digital or
Analog Voltage Controlled Attenuators
Test Data on
100 MHz to 2 GHz (10 MHz to 2 GHz or 50 MHz to 2 GHz Units
Also Available), Broadband, ≥60 dB Dynamic Range, 8 or
10-Bit Digital Control (DD), (9, 11, and 12 Bit Controls
Also Available) or 10 dB/Volt Analog Control (D) (Other
Transfer Functions Available), Linearized, Absorptive, Pin
Diode Attenuators,

AMC Models:
AGT-2000-60D and AGT-2000-60DD (Standard Speed)

AMC Models:
AGTN-2000-60D and AGTN-2000-60DD (1 uS, 500 nS
Typical, High Speed) and

AMC Slimline Models:
AGT-2000-60D-100 and AGT-2000-60DD-100
(Standard Speed) and

AMC Slimline Models:
AGTN-2000-60D-100 and
(1 uS, 500 nS Typical, High Speed)

Test Data on
0.3 to 18.0 GHz, Ultra-Broadband, Ultra-High Speed, 60 dB
Dynamic Range, 10 dB/Volt Voltage Controlled and 8-Bit
Digitally Controlled, Linearized, Absorptive, Pin Diode
AMC Models.: AGTN-2018-60D and AGTN-2018-60DD and

AMC Slimline Models: AGTN-2018-60D-100 and AGTN-2018-60DD-100