American Microwave Corporation
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In Pursuit of Excellence
Through Engineering since 1978

Our History

A Brief Look Back

Since it’s founding in 1978 by Raymond L. Sicotte, American Microwave Corporation (AMC) has become a leader in the design and manufacture of DC to 40 GHz Solid State Control Components. AMC is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology as well as uniformly high quality microwave components and subsystems. AMC’s vertically integrated manufacturing plant makes it possible to design, machine and manufacture microwave hardware; which means total technology, quality and schedule control on all prototype and production orders.

The first microwave switch, model SW-2184-A pulse modulator, was produced in 1981. Since then, AMC has produced hundreds of models of microwave solid state switches for both commercial and defense electronics market worldwide.

In 1986, AMC delivered its first electronically variable attenuator model AGH-8018-D and it has expanded the product line to include many high performance, multi-octave band models over the years.

AMC began producing its Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifier (DLVA) Product line in 1990 and has been a key supplier of these products to the Defense Electronics Industry since.

In 2009, AMC produced the first in its newly developed line of phase invariant attenuators. Today it offers digitally controlled, phase invariant attenuator products in octave bands covering the frequency range from 1 to 18 GHz.

Throughout the years, AMC has developed custom assemblies incorporating a variety of functions including amplifiers, filters, couplers, and power dividers with attenuators and multi-throw switches.

Today, AMC‘s Integrated Microwave Assemblies (lMA) form the fourth cornerstone of the Company‘s four
product lines. From its chip and wire assemblies such as the 0.5-26.5 GHz integrated. miniaturized receiver,
Radar Calibration Assembly to its integrated component assemblies such as a switched distribution box, a set of chassis mounted digital phase shifters for a beam forming application, and integrated switch matrices, lMA‘s
form a significant portion of AMC’s business today.