Solid State Switches

DC to 40 GHz

SPST to SP64T configurations

Any design can be optimized for specific frequency range, insertion loss, isolation, intercept points, switching speed and VSWR.

Solid State Variable Attenuators

Phase Invariant, Broad Band or Octave Band models available

Attenuation Ranges 30-120 dB

10 MHz to 18 GHz bandwidths available

Digital, Analog or Current Controlled Variable Attenuators

Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA’s)

Standard products – 50 dB, 70/75 dB dynamic range SDLV A & DLV A

CW immunity circuits available for all models

Integrated Assemblies

Solid State Switch Based Assemblies

Switch Matrices on a substrate

Direction Finding and Beam Forming Networks

Custom Integration and turn Key Systems

Power Dividers

2-Way to 8-Way Configurations

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