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AGH-8018-RN Option 003

AMC Model AGH-8018-RN Option 003 is a
8.5 to 11.0 GHz Frequency Range, Current
Controlled Attenuator Having a Maximum Insertion Loss of 2.3
dB and VSWR of 1.8:1.


 Frequency Range

8.5 to 11.0 GHz

 Insertion Loss

2.3 dB Maximum


1.8:1 Maximum

 Flatness at Mid-Band Attenuation

@ 10 dB: ±0.7 dB Maximum
@ 20 dB: ±1.0 dB Maximum
@ 40 dB: ±1.5 dB Maximum
@ 60 dB: ±1.6 dB Maximum

 Phase Shift

100° Worst Case, Over Octave
Frequency Range and 60 dB Attenuation Range

 Power Handling

+20 dBm CW or Peak

 Switching Speed

High to Low Attenuation: 90% to 10%: 20 nSec Minimum
Low to High Attenuation: 10% to 90%: 100 nSec Maximum

 Bias Current

50 mA Maximum

 Maximum Attenuation

60 dB Minimum

 Characteristic Impedance

(Input/Output): 50Ω

 Spurious Response

≤-126 dBc


1.25″L x 1.25″W x 0.30″H

Environmental Ratings:

Our standard
environmental ratings are as follows, for specific
requirements please contact us…

ºC to +85 ºC Operating
ºC to +100 ºC Non-Operating
Method 106
IN-Hg (12.8 PSIA) to 31.35 IN-Hg (15.4 PSIA)
Shall be Sea Level to 50,000 Feet
Method 101
Shock (Non-Operating):
Method 107 Cond. A
Method 213
Method 204 Cond. A

 Fungus (Non-Operating):
Method 508


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AGH-8018-RN Option 003