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LVD-218-50A (Option ASI818)

The LVD-218 Series DLVA’s are Available in Standard 50 dB and Extended 70/75 dBDynamic Range Over the Full 2-18 GHz Bandwidth, With True DCCoupling. Units Employ

Planar Diode Detectors and Integrated Video Circuitry for High

Speed Performance and

Outstanding Reliability. The DLVA’s are of Superior

Construction Using State-of-the-Art

MIC/MMIC Technology. Specifications:

Frequency Range 8 – 18 GHz
Logging Range -40 to 0 dBm Minimum
Useful Range -40 to +5 dBm
Log Linearity Error ±1.5 dB Maximum (Over Logging Rangeand -54ºC to +85ºC)
Log Slope 

@ 93 Ohm Load

100 mV/dB
Log Slope Accuracy ±4% of Average Slope
Amplitude Variation ±1.5 dB Maximum (Over -54º to +85ºC andLogging Range at any Single Frequency)
Rise Time (10% to 90% Points) 35 nS Maximum
Recovery Time ±1.0 us (Within ±1 dB of Baseline ≤0 dBm and ≤100 uS InputPulse)
Baseline DC Offset 0 ±60 mV Maximum
TSS -42 dBm Minimum (100 nS Pulse Width) @ DC to10 MHz Nominal Video Bandwidth
VSWR (RF) @ -23 dBm 3:1 Maximum
Video Output Level 0 to 5.0 Volts (50 Ohm Minimum Load)
DC Power (No Load) +V: 12 to 15V @ 100 mA Maximum- V: 12 to 15V @ 100 mA Maximum
Size 2.75″ X 1.50″ X 0.50″

Available Options:

A01 Extended 0.2 to 20 GHz RF Frequency Range
A02 Extended 0.5 to 18 GHz RF Frequency Range
A03 Faster Rise/Recovery Times
A04 Alternate Log Slopes
A05 High Power RF CW/Peak Protection
A06 Extended Logging Range
A07 Other Video Loads
A08 ±1.0 dB Log Linearity
A09 ±1.0 dB Frequency Flatness
A10 250 nS Typical, 350 nS Maximum

Environmental Ratings:

Our standard

environmental ratings are as follows, for specific

requirements please contact us…

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LVD-218-50A (Option ASI818)

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LVD-218-50A (Option ASI818)