Integrated Assemblies

Part NumberStatusDescriptionProduct Feature
Imaging Radar Calibration Test Set- AMC: AMC model RFM-16M7-LNXS64235-1
This set was developed for our customer in order to reduce the form factor and enhance performance. The set was size was reduced by 80% and we improved the overall insertion loss by 5dB
Integrated Receiver SN002: AMC model iRFS-INTEGRATION-38DR-SMPM
 This is an example of a highly integrated down converter AMC build to prints for our customer ( 26.5 gHz to 500 MHz ) which has 723 parts integrated in a form factor of 3” x 5” X .5” and is a prime example of AMCs Chip and Wire capabilities.
48T Integrated Switch Assembly: AMC model MSN-48T-05-DEC-MP
This assembly was developed using modified standard switches to maximize isolation and insertion loss from 18-21.5 GHz
18 x 12 Switch Matrix: AMC model SM-405M1G
This broadband Switch Matrix on a single multi-layer substrate offers pick and place assembly, incorporates Bias Tees, Power Dividers, and Ethernet communications with isolation of 90 dB and Insertion Loss of 5 dB.
2 x 8 Switch Matrix: AMC model SM-840905
This Blocking Matrix is built on a single, multi-layer substrate allowing for volume manufacturing, extremely small size and excellent electrical characteristics.
AMC Model RFNA-811 is a custom built 8 to 11 GHz RF Sub-system used to perform RF Signal processing

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